Eye Drop Supports

Auto Squeeze™ $20.00

Auto squeeze is great if for any reason, you have trouble squeezing your eye drop bottle.

Auto Drop® $20.00

Auto drop helps guide eye drops onto the eye and has a lip for holding the eyelid down.

AutoDrop® and AutoSqueeze™ $40.00

Simple, reusable and cost-effective solution for self-administration of eye drops.

Make applying eye drops easier

Using eye drops can be a challenge for many patients. AutoDrop ® and AutoSqueeze ™ have been developed to make self-administration as simple as possible – helping to improve patient compliance and reducing reliance on others to help with this task.

Use the form below or email  info@glaucoma.org.nz or – 0800 452 862 with your name, email, phone & how many you want to order.

Single Frio Cooling Wallet
Small (multi drop) Frio Cooling Wallet


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