Education seminars

Education seminars are delivered via Zoom to equip you & your family with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to participate in your glaucoma management plan. Our guest speakers will include a range of health care professionals, people living with glaucoma & researchers.

It is a unique forum for learning about glaucoma, the latest treatment options, and practical tips for managing your glaucoma. You will have the opportunity to ask questions via the chat room during the seminar presentation.


What Happens in an Opthalmic Exam? – Dr Divya Perumal

Dr Divya Perumal discusses what happens in an opthalmic exam so that you know exactly what to expect.

What Is the Link Between Mental Wellness and Glaucoma? – Simon Skalicky

Associate Professor Skalicky asks, “How does glaucoma impact patients?” and, “what role does education and technology play in managing anxieties?”

What can I do to help my glaucoma? – Dr Jim Stewart

What impact does lifting weights, drinking coffee, or playing wind instruments have on glaucoma progression? Ophthalmologist, Dr Jim Stewart reviews diet and lifestyle choices and the research in this area.

Natural Remedies – Jane Cronin

Naturopath, Jane Cronin, discusses the importance of maintaining your overall health and how to make changes to support eye health through healthy blood pressure and circulation.

Future Technologies seminar by Jesse Gale

Dr Jesse Gale discusses glaucoma technologies of the future including home monitoring, eye drops with more benefits and less side effects, quicker surgeries and new types of treatment; gene therapy and neuroprotection

Questions Patients with Glaucoma Think But Do Not Ask with Professor Danesh-Meyer

Professor Danesh-Meyer discusses some of the myths of glaucoma and answers a range of patient questions, from, can I wear swimming goggles to whether or not drops should be applied to both eyes if you only have glaucoma in one.


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