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Every Kiwi living with glaucoma should have access to the care and support they need to manage their condition and prevent blindness. For over 17 years, Glaucoma New Zealand have been walking alongside those affected by glaucoma – raising awareness of the disease, providing support for people with glaucoma and educating eye health professionals.


Glaucoma is the leading cause of preventable blindness in New Zealand, and about 50% of people with glaucoma don’t realise they have it. That’s something we want to change. 

With the right treatment and support, 98% of people will preserve their sight. GNZ is here to support people with glaucoma and provide information so that blindness from glaucoma can be prevented.

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is the name given to a group of related diseases in which the eye’s optic nerve is damaged. The damage is progressive, so is easy to go unnoticed – but once the optic nerve is damaged, it cannot be repaired. Glaucoma is typically caused by excessive eye pressure, which can be detected before any serious damage by regular check-ups.

Early detection is the key to saving sight

Early detection of glaucoma is vital to preventing blindness, so we always encourage regular eye health checkups. Glaucoma NZ recommend all New Zealanders should have a glaucoma examination every five years – or every three if you’re over the age of 60. Pay attention to any changes in your eye sight, and get familiar with your family's eye health history. 


About Glaucoma New Zealand

Glaucoma NZ exists to save sight and eliminate blindness from glaucoma in New Zealand. At Glaucoma NZ, we:

  • Enhance public awareness about glaucoma
  • Support and inform people with glaucoma
  • Educate eye health workers to assure high quality services
  • Promote research into glaucoma in New Zealand


Public and Patient Meetings


Public meetings about Glaucoma are held throughout New Zealand every year - view the schedule of upcoming meetings




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