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About the groups

Glaucoma support groups have been set up to provide you with a space to share your experience of living with glaucoma and receive support from others who understand. The group can be as informal or formal as the group decides as a collective. It is a group where you lead the way.

Members of Glaucoma NZ will receive reminders for the monthly meetings.  We also encourage friends and family of those with glaucoma to attend.

If you are not a member of Glaucoma NZ and wish to be, please contact or apply online here.

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What the support group is:

An opportunity for members of the public to meet regularly to gain peer support on living with glaucoma

It is a great place to meet new people, make new friendships and have fun!


What the support group is not:

It is not a place to get medical advice (unless a guest speaker is an Eye Specialist)

It is not a place to push personal views that will alienate others

The role of a support group facilitator:

  • The facilitator is a volunteer so we need to make sure they are looked after
  • They are a representative of Glaucoma NZ the charity but not a medical professional so please don’t ask them or expect them to answer medical questions
  • Their role is to make sure you have a fun safe environment to get together with your peers and organise the meeting venue and activities as requested by you
  • You may have a change in facilitators from time to time or more than one volunteer facilitator to help run the group

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Group Members Rights and Responsibilities

1. Dignity

To value and be valued – with warmth, courtesy and respect.

2. Access

To access appropriate services, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social class, age, disability, religion or political beliefs.

3. Support, resources and information

To have access to appropriate support, resources, and information that Glaucoma NZ has available at the time.

4. Confidentiality

Confidentiality is to be observed within the group at all times. Any personal information is not be disclosed without prior consent by the said individual.

5. Group Satisfaction

i) Be provided with the opportunity to share your feedback on the group services offered.
ii) If you have recommendations and or are dissatisfied with any aspect of the group, please talk to the group facilitator first and they will pass on their concerns


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