In 2017, Sarah was 37 and living a busy life as a mum of three children, lead singer in a band, and tennis coach, when she started to experienced headaches. She thought that these headaches could be related to her vision, so booked an eye health check with an optometrist.

As it turned out, the headaches were unrelated to her vision and were caused by a neck injury. The eye health test did however detect an eye disease of which Sarah had no symptoms but could potentially cause irreversible blindness, Angle-Closure Glaucoma. Sarah hadn’t noticed any changes to her vision, and had no family history of glaucoma, so is very grateful that the headaches prompted her to get an eye health check. Without this check she could now be in a very different situation and her vision could have impacted her work and everyday life.

“Singing and performing is what I feel I was born to do. I love being on the stage. It makes me so happy, especially when I know I’m making others happy too by doing what I love. It’s my passion and release.” Karma and 80sX perform a variety of gigs from private functions to concerts, and in the process of putting together a Madonna show with a live band.

Sarah was referred to a specialist at Greenlane Eye Clinic and not long after diagnosis she had eye laser surgery as she feared that she may have an acute Angle-Closure attack and lose her eyesight suddenly and permanently.

Sarah’s message for anyone aged 40 or over who’s yet to have an eye health test is, “Just go and get it done, getting an eye health test is simple and painless and there’s nothing to be worried about. Now I know how important they are to protect and preserve your vision.”

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