Congratulations, Professor Helen Danesh-Meyer!

We are delighted to share that Professor Helen Danesh-Meyer has been recognized in “The Ophthalmologist Power List 2024” as one of the Top 100 Ophthalmologists in the world!

This prestigious accolade highlights Professor Danesh-Meyer’s exceptional contributions to ophthalmic medicine and her influential leadership in the field.

Being featured in the Power List is a testament to Professor Danesh-Meyer’s groundbreaking work and dedication to advancing ophthalmology globally. Her expertise and innovative approach continue to shape and elevate the practice.

Professor Danesh-Meyer Makes a bold prediction for the future of ophthalmology -Ophthalmology is at the cusp of a transformative evolution. The intersection of innovations, such as affordable user-friendly home technologies to monitor eye health, computer-based visual field tests, and non-invasive retina/optic nerve function monitors will empower individuals to actively manage their ocular health and decentralize care. These technologies, coupled with artificial intelligence-driven algorithms, will enable early detection and continuous monitoring of conditions like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and optic neuropathies. Ophthalmologists will be more focused on providing innovative treatments, including minimally invasive surgery and personalized, gene-based therapies.

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