As published in NZ Optics; October 12, 2023 Louise Wood (Optometrist)

Image Credit: Libre de Droit

In recent years there has been a healthy obsession with what we eat and its influence on our health and wellbeing. According to various studies, gut health has now been linked to the onset of depression, diabetes, poor skin health and much, much more. The human gut ‘microbiome’ refers to a complex ecosystem of microbial species that colonise the body. It contains up to 100 trillion organisms and plays an important role in maintaining metabolic homeostasis and health through a symbiotic relationship with the host¹. It is largely developed by the time we reach three years of age, although it is modifiable through environmental factors such as diet² throughout life. When the gut microbiota gets out of balance (dysbiosis), however, it can induce systemic inflammation and have a negative effect on our immune system. To read more click here Keeping an eye on gut bacteria

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