Glaucoma is a multifactorial disorder caused by risk factors dependent on, as well as those independent of, intraocular pressure. Currently, the treatment of this condition is primarily lowering of intraocular pressure. However, despite achieving the apparent target pressure, some patients continue to deteriorate. As a result, other modalities such as complementary and alternative medicine are being increasingly used to manage patients with glaucoma. These approaches include modifications or supplementations in diet and lifestyle changes, such as exercise and cessation of smoking. The objective of this review is to assess how different diets can be useful or detrimental to the visual health of patients with glaucoma. It also aims to shed light on the effect of dietary intervention on the epidemiology of glaucoma.

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Published online June 1st 2022touchREVIEWS in Ophthalmology. 2022;16(1):22–9 

Authors: Syed Shoeb Ahmad, Syed Mohammed Bilal, Anam Tariq, Aliya Rashid


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