At 90, Cyril J. Moore continues to live, ” A Full On Life,” as his memoir’s title suggests. Glaucoma, diabetes, and other health issues have not hindered his unwavering commitment to live by the values he learned as a young boy. Cyril started school in 1938 at Meadowbank School with the motto of Courage, Constancy, and Courtesy. The scouting principles of, Be Prepared, Do a good turn daily, and Duty to God, have led him to a life of service to others. Cyril attributes becoming a Prefect at Auckland Grammar School to the leadership, life skills, and people skills he learned as a Scout.

Cyril commented in the book that possibly his biggest regret is that he obeyed his parent’s wishes and didn’t accept a place at Otago Medical School. It was a four-day journey in those days, and his parents were not keen to lose their only son to Otago. After a year of engineering at the University of Auckland, Cyril realized that “sitting at a desk working with a slide rule” was not for him and switched his studies to Pharmacy instead.

By age 24, Cyril had married the love of his life, Jan, built a house and owned two pharmacies, one in Panmure and the second in the developing area of Beachlands. and Maraetai. While reading his memoir, it became clear that hard work, commitment to his faith, family, the people around him, and earlier-mentioned values have contributed to his success.  Cyril and Jan, whom he met when she was sixteen, are a very strong team, sharing a great sense of humour and devotion to their life of service.

Throughout their married life of 67+ years, they have remained heavily involved in various committees. Invited to start a Lions Club in Beachlands, Cyril accepted the invitation and resolved to do the job as well as possible. The Lion’s motto ‘We Serve’ was in line with his philosophy, which had been honed through his association with Scouts. In 1977, he was appointed District Governor and, in 2013, awarded the Key of Nations for introducing one hundred new members to Lions.

At 90, many would be slowing down, but Cyril and Jan are still busy with family and friends and generously giving their time to the service of others. As a Pharmacist, Cyril knows the importance of managing his glaucoma by adhering strictly to his treatments. He attributes his longevity and health to a good diet, low in alcohol, sugar, and starch, and high in vegetables and fish.


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