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Save Sight Society

New Zealand ophthalmologists raising public awareness of the causes of blindness and promoting research into the causes of eye diseases and their treatment


Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind

Glaucoma fact sheets are offered in Maori, Samoan, Niuean and Tongan as well as English


Sight Loss Services

Information, equipment and support for people with low vision throughout New Zealand



This health site has a glaucoma section


Glaucoma Australia

Our Australian colleagues are working hard 'to minimise sight disability from glaucoma' across the Tasman


Southwestern Eye Center's Glaucoma Risk Calculator

Are You at Risk for Developing Glaucoma?


The Glaucoma Learning Center

From the Prevent Blindness America organisation


The Glaucoma Foundation

Based in New York


Glaucoma Research Foundation

Based in San Francisco


International Glaucoma Association

This website provides information in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish


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