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Below is a list of Glaucoma NZ Fact Sheets about different glaucoma topics. Click on the title to view or right click to save a copy of each one.

Alternatively you can order pre-printed fact sheets by downloading the form and sending back to us via email / fax or post. Please note there is a charge for printing and postage.


Fact Sheets:

Glaucoma NZ

Acute angle closure glaucoma

Angle closure glaucoma

Eye Drop Side Effects

Glaucoma and cataract

Glaucoma and Gingko Biloba

Glaucoma Eye Examination Checklist

Glaucoma and lifestyle factors

Glaucoma and macular degeneration

Laser peripheral iridotomy

Laser trabeculoplasty

Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS)

Normal pressure glaucoma

Ocular hypertension

Pigment dispersion syndrome

Primary open angle glaucoma

Pseudoexfoliation syndrome

Trabeculectomy surgery

XEN patient booklet - New Zealand

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