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Eye drop supports

Auto squeeze is great if you have trouble squeezing your eye drop bottle or have arthritis.


Autodrop helps guide eye drops onto the eye and has a lip for holding eyelid down.


Using eye drops can be a challenge for many patients, young or old. AutoDrop ® and AutoSqueeze ™ have been developed to make self-administration as simple as possible – helping to improve patient compliance and reducing reliance on others to help with this task.

AutoDrop ® and AutoSqueeze ™ are re-usable and provide a cost effective solution for simple eye drop application.

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Autosqueeze $18.5
Autodrop $18.5
Total amount payable$37

Each product is $18.5 which includes GST and delivery.

A receipt will be issued upon payment.

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Payments by cheque - please click here

Please print out and fill in the details then send it to the following address with your cheque made out to Glaucoma NZ for the total amount of $30.

Glaucoma NZ
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