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What Does Glaucoma NZ Do?


Enhances public awareness about glaucoma

Early detection of glaucoma and its risk factors is critical to eliminate blindness. Glaucoma NZ initiates awareness programmes to achieve this goal.


Supports and informs people with glaucoma

Glaucoma NZ publishes free education material, holds public meetings, community meetings, support groups, and maintains a web site.


Educates eye health workers to assure high quality services

Glaucoma New Zealand promotes high quality glaucoma services in both the public and the private sectors through professional educational activities, including the Glaucoma Professional Education Programme.


Promotes research into glaucoma in New Zealand

Research is the key to providing quality care in the short term and to finding a solution to glaucoma in the longer term. Glaucoma NZ promotes research only after an independent high quality assessment of projects. This process assures the very best use of limited research funds.


Services offered by Glaucoma New Zealand include:

  • Public awareness campaigns to aid early detection of glaucoma
  • A glaucoma information package for members
  • Eyelights: a regular newsletter-magazine
  • Public meetings to educate people about glaucoma
  • Fact Sheets: information on specific aspects of glaucoma
  • Glaucoma Professional Education Programme for education of eye health professionals about glaucoma
  • GP Arena for education of general practitioners about glaucoma
  • Glaucoma NZ supports research into glaucoma within New Zealand
  • A national office - email info@glaucoma.org.nz

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