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Don't lose sight of family

Glaucoma New Zealand Annual Appeal 1-31st July 2020
Start conversations. Get tested. Save sight.
Donate now at Glaucoma NZ.

This July, we're thinking about family. As the leading cause of preventable blindness in New Zealand, glaucoma is a family matter. Having a first degree relative with primary open angle glaucoma doubles your chance of developing it yourself. Do you know when your family last had their eyes tested?

For our Annual Appeal this year, let's get the word out about glaucoma and encourage more people to get their eyes tested. Our appeal is also a chance for you to donate to Glaucoma New Zealand to help us continue providing our support and services. Together, we can eliminate preventable blindness from glaucoma in New Zealand.

How would you like to get involved in the Glaucoma NZ Annual Appeal?

For further support or questions please contact us on 0800 452 826 or info@glaucoma.org.nz

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