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At Glaucoma NZ, we’re proud to support research into glaucoma. That’s because research is crucial to understanding glaucoma and how to prevent blindness from it. 

We facilitate research projects that cover a range of aspects, including how the eye maintains good health, why the optic nerve is susceptible in different people, how to detect glaucoma early, and the best methods to treat and manage the disease. 

All the research we support has one common aim – to save the sight of Kiwis and prevent blindness from glaucoma.


Are you interested in supporting glaucoma research in New Zealand? Find out more about donating here



Glaucoma and research - Professor Helen Danesh-Meyer

Glaucoma is a complicated disease, and can make for a complex treatment journey for patients and eye specialists. Professor Helen Danesh-Meyer recently gave a small seminar discussing what is known about glaucoma, what isn't known, and where research may take us. Have a look below.



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