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Glaucoma NZ
funds research into glaucoma undertaken in New Zealand. Applications must be for research in glaucoma by New Zealand research workers. Grant applications up to $30000 will be considered. The applications will be processed under the detailed guidelines provided here by the Save Sight Society.

Glaucoma NZ and Save Sight Society coordinate in the assessment of applications for research funds in New Zealand. The detailed requirements to apply for a research grant are the same for both organisations. The process of independent assessment of applications is the same. The boards of both organisations make the final decisions. Glaucoma NZ only funds research that relates to glaucoma.

If you are applying for a grant for research in or related to glaucoma, you should notify both Glaucoma NZ and Save Sight Society of your application but send your completed application to Save Sight Society. Only one complete application set is required. Funding for research in glaucoma may come from either Glaucoma NZ or Save Sight Society.

For the full requirements for Grant Applications please see www.savesightsociety.org.nz

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