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Glaucoma NZ fosters cooperation amongst all eye health professionals to achieve high standards of eye care for glaucoma and to reduce the impact of glaucoma in the community.

We present to you two position papers which can be downloaded and printed. One outlines the overview of possible intervention strategies and the other outlines a best practice approach to the "Routine Glaucoma Eye Examination."


Glaucoma New Zealand Position Paper:
The Challenge of Glaucoma


‘The Challenge of Glaucoma’ outlines pathways to intervention in our community to prevent visual loss and blindness from glaucoma.

This document, ‘The Challenge of Glaucoma’, outlines what can be done, what Glaucoma NZ has done, and most importantly what an intelligent individual could expect to be done if he passed through any of the pathways outlined. ...

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Glaucoma New Zealand Policy Statement:
Early Detection of Glaucoma in New Zealand


Aim of this position paper

  1. To present a Glaucoma NZ Policy for the early detection of glaucoma throughout the community.

  2. To outline an acceptable standard for a “Routine Glaucoma Eye Examination” ...

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