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World Glaucoma Week 2021 - Beach FM 106.3 Radio Interview 

This week is World Glaucoma Week and this morning Beach FM's Catherine Scullin spoke to Optometrist Annette Morgan about the disease of the optic nerve known as 'thief of sight'. 115,000 New Zealanders have the disease... but only 50% of those know they have. Listen here.


2019 July Annual Awareness Appeal Highlights

Radio Interview

The Café Interview


2018 July Annual Awareness Appeal Highlights

July Annual Appeal Press Release

Patrick Gower's Personal Video About Glaucoma

Patrick Gower Releases Shock Glaucoma Diagnosis

Patrick Gower Interviews Other Glaucoma Sufferers on the Project

Yvonne Roberts Glaucoma Story

Light Up Glaucoma to Save Sight


2017 July Annual Awareness Appeal Highlights

“Get an eye test - you could be going blind, CDHB member Andy Dickerson says”

2017 July Annual Awareness Appeal Press Release PDF

2017 July Annual Appeal Participants PDF


2016 July Annual Awareness Appeal Highlights

Lion Breweries Gets Behind Glaucoma Awareness Appeal

Cecily Is Feeling Charitable Towards Glaucoma New Zealand!

Glaucoma - The Silent Disease

Glaucoma Discovered By Accident

Family History Key To Glaucoma Prevention

Tips For Keeping Your Eyes Healthy


2015 July Annual Awareness Appeal Highlights


This cover story article has appeared in New Zealand Women's Weekly featuring Sir Richard and Lady Dianne Hadlee - download PDF scan.

NZ Womens Weekly 


Professor Helen Danesh-Meyer 

In preparation for our July Annual Awareness Appeal this article was shown on TV3 News on Saturday 27 June. Professor Helen Danesh-Meyer was interviewed along with Mike Hodge both emphasising the importance of early detection.


2015 July Annual Awareness Appeal - Press Release


Download 2015 July Annual Awareness Appeal Press Release PDF


About Glaucoma New Zealand and glaucoma

Glaucoma New Zealand is a charitable trust providing free education/information to more than 14,000 people; those diagnosed with glaucoma and their families as well as health professionals. Glaucoma NZ recommends an eye examination for glaucoma every five years from the age of 45 and every three years from the age of 60. However, at any age, if you notice changes in your eyesight, then you should have your eyes examined at that time.

Have your eyes checked by an eye health professional, just in case there is an underlying problem. If you have risk factors for glaucoma, such as family history, then you may need your eyes checked more frequently. If glaucoma is detected, ongoing treatment and compliance, is vital. About 98% of those who comply with their prescribed treatment for glaucoma will not go blind.

List of 2015 Participants PDF


Glaucoma Awareness Month 1

 Glaucoma Awareness Month 2


Central TV’s interview with Dr Sam Kain, GNZ Trustee. The interview is about 6-7 minutes into the programme.


Glaucoma Awareness Appeal 2014


Press Release PDF | Glaucoma Questions & Answers PDF | 2014 Supporting Participants PDF





2014 Appeal Highlights:

B.I.G. Breakfast highlights shown on TV 1 Breakfast programme on 8 July 2014.

Article in the NZ Herald (8 July 2014):

NZ Herald Article


2013 Appeal Highlights:

Interview with Dr Sam Kain on Central TV (24th June 2013)...

Interview with Sir Richard Hadlee on TVNZ Breakfast (26 July 2013)...




2012 Appeal Highlights:


MP's Get Their Eyes Checked


The ‘silent thief of sight’ won’t be robbing Labour leader David Shearer anytime soon.

The Mt Albert MP dropped into the St Lukes branch of OPSM to have his eyes tested as part of Glaucoma Awareness Month.

CENTRAL LEADER - July 27, 2012 (PDF)


EYE, EYE: As part of Glaucoma Awareness Month, Associate Health Minister and Ohariu MP Peter Dunne got his eyes tested at Visique Capital Eyes City Optometrists in Wellington by optometrist Kevin O'Connor.


Glaucoma Diagnosis

Te Puke

Optometrist Paul Stockman diagnosed Te Puke's Clare Clarke's early stage glaucoma.

TE PUKE TIMES - July 12, 2012 (PDF)


Free Glaucoma Screening Campaign for July

Newspaper editorial about Optometrist Michael White's Whakatane practice hosting a successful free Glaucoma Screening campaign for the month of July.

WHAKATANE BEACON - "Glaucoma suspects discovered" - 29 July 2011 (Link)


Frederickswain Optometrists, Napier - July window display



Fundraising Walk for Glaucoma NZ


Doug Wilson (President of the Western Bay of Plenty Grey Power Association) has undertaken a walk from Cape Rienga to Stewart Island, with the aim of raising awareness for Glaucoma.  Doug estimates it will take him about 55 days to complete the journey of approximately 2025 kilometres, stopping off along the way to talk to various groups about Glaucoma.  Grey Power & RSA members have come forward to offer him accommodation along the way, and in case emergency accommodation is needed, he is carrying a tent with his very weighty pack.

Doug (aged 75) was himself diagnosed with Glaucoma in 2010, and this has been the impetus behind his fundraising efforts.  He has been in training for the journey by walking 15-20km (with nordic poles), combined with a 1.5 hour gym session and a 45 minute swim daily.  All this after being laid low with a virus which hospitalised him only weeks ago.

Helen Mawn from the Glaucoma NZ office caught up with Doug at the Intercity bus terminal in Auckland on Friday 24th June as he waited to board a north-bound bus to begin his walk.  Fellow travellers in the waiting area, had already shown goodwill by making a donation and an offer of accommodation in Kaitaia.

Watch out for Doug as he passes through your town and give him a warm welcome!

Read more about Doug's journey through local newspaper articles:

NORTHERN ADVOCATE - "Walk puts focus on glaucoma" - 4 July 2011 (PDF)

WHANGAREI LEADER - "Big strides in glaucoma fight" - 5 July 2011 (PDF)

SUNLIVE - "Charity walk to Bluff begins" - 20 July 2011 (PDF)

MALBOROUGH EXPRESS - "NZ-long walk to raise awareness" - 26 July 2011 (PDF)

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN - "Taking to the road with a cause" - 28 July 2011 (PDF)

TIMARU HERALD - "Doug's seeing his way south" - 29 July 2011 (PDF)

OAMARU MAIL - "Walker's glaucoma mission nears end" - 1 August 2011 (PDF)

SOUTHLAND TIMES - "Epic journey to shed light on glaucoma" - 4 August 2011 (PDF)

If you would like to show your support for Doug by making a donation to Glaucoma NZ please click here.

Other Newspaper Articles

Several newspaper articles were published during the course of the last year's July Glaucoma Awareness Appeal:

 WESTERN LEADER - "Brush with Glaucoma" (PDF)

 PHARMACY TODAY - "Encourage Patients To Be Glaucoma Aware" (PDF)

 TAUPO TIMES - "John's Glaucoma Detected In Time" (PDF)


Glaucoma NZ Celebrates 10 Years

Glaucoma NZ is celebrating 10 years of working in the community to eliminate blindness from glaucoma.

As part of the 10th Anniversary activities, we held a special event on Saturday 22 September 2012 - the Glaucoma NZ “For Your Eyes Only” Glam Gala.

Download the latest edition of our Eyelights newsletter for a snapshot of Glaucoma NZ activities and achievements since 2002.


Pharmacy Guild and Glaucoma New Zealand


We are proud to announce that the Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand has offered its support to work together with GNZ raising awareness of glaucoma, and the various activities that GNZ undertakes in the community to help eliminate unnecessary blindness from this disease.

GNZ is very excited to have this opportunity to develop its relationship with the Pharmacy Guild and pharmacists.

Pharmacists play a key and integral role in the multi-disciplinary approach to glaucoma management. They provide an ongoing point of contact with glaucoma patients and can offer invaluable information in terms of side-effects that patients may be experiencing.  Furthermore, patients are likely to express their frustration with the challenges of instilling eye drops to their pharmacist who can help explain to them the appropriate technique. Pharmacists can also provide access to ongoing support and information by encouraging patients to become members of Glaucoma NZ.

We are looking forward to working with the Guild and pharmacists, and welcome their input on how we can together provide better services in the management of glaucoma patients. 


The ‘45 Plus 5’ Message

Glaucoma NZ recommends that everyone has an eye examination for glaucoma by the age of 45 then every 5 years after that until age 60, and three-yearly after that. Those with risk factors for glaucoma such as a family history of glaucoma or steroid use should be examined earlier.



Awareness on the Web

This year Glaucoma NZ wants to spread the word about glaucoma and blindness prevention by attracting as many visitors as possible to this website. If you have a suitable website at your place of work or sports club please consider adding a link to www.glaucoma.org.nz Contact admin@ glaucoma.org.nz if you woud like to include the Glaucoma NZ logo.


Awareness in the Workplace

One effective way of sharing health information is through the work force. Many companies are genuinely concerned about the health and well being of their employees. If you are an employer or work for a forward thinking company that might be keen to inform workers about glaucoma and the '45plus5' message to preserve their sight please contact admin@glaucoma.org.nz to discuss ideas and how Glaucoma NZ can best work with you.


Awareness and the General Practitioner

Glaucoma NZ is proud to be associated with a large group of general practioners who have registered with Glaucoma NZ to be kept up-to-date with glaucoma issues and developments. If your GP does not know of the Glaucoma NZ GP Education Support programme encourage them to visit www.glaucoma.org.nz for information and free registration.


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