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Glaucoma NZ public meetings are held around New Zealand to give people the chance to learn more about glaucoma and treatment options. At each meeting an eye specialist presents slides and speaks for about 45 minutes, then there is an opportunity to ask questions. The PowerPoint slide presentation is different each year. Entry is free and all are welcome. Check the details below for scheduled meetings. Register with Glaucoma NZ to receive notification by mail of meetings in your area as they occur.


Public-Meeting-Ak-1  Public-Meeting-Gisborne


Meetings Already Held 2018

Dunedin, Saturday, 17 February

Auckland West, Saturday, 7 April

Hamilton, Sunday, 6 May

Taupo, Saturday, 26 May

Palmerston North, Saturday, 23 June

Auckland Central, Saturday, 14 July

Auckland East, Saturday, 4 August 

Blenheim, Saturday, 22 September

Christchurch, Saturday, 6 October

Nelson, Sunday, 7 October 

Whakatane, Saturday, 10 November


Upcoming Meetings 2019

Invercargill, Saturday, 16 February, Rowena Jackson Retirement Village, 40 O'Byrne Street, Waikiwi at 10am

Timaru, Saturday, 9th March, Caroline Bay Community Lounge, 1 Virtue Avenue, Timaru at 2pm 


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