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Glaucoma NZ and the Community


Glaucoma NZ’s mission is to eliminate glaucoma blindness from our community.

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Five groups of people can be identified in the community. Individuals in each group are at different stages of their understanding or experience of glaucoma. Consider the following profiles and decide which one best fits you, your friends, your family:


The totally unaware

People who are totally unaware about eye health often have never had an eye examination. One way to reach the totally unaware person is through community-wide awareness programmes. Another is to proclaim our message through organisations and institutions.


The concerned person

The person concerned about their general health will seek a routine check up even though they have no health complaints. Glaucoma NZ holds that eye health must be considered whenever someone requests a routine general health check. The ‘Concerned Person’ is in essence asking “What may kill me, Doc? What may harm me?” In eye health that translates to cancer kills you, glaucoma blinds you!


The at risk person

The person at risk for the development of glaucoma has identifiable risk factors or markers but has not yet developed established glaucoma. They need to understand their at-risk status and their need for regular examinations.


The person with glaucoma but no symptoms

A diagnosis of glaucoma requires assessment of damage to the optic disc with related visual field loss. So the ‘45 + 5 Glaucoma Eye Examination’ has a dual role: the detection of risk factors and the detection of established glaucoma. Early intervention will dramatically reduce glaucoma blindness.


The person with glaucoma with symptoms

People with symptoms due to glaucoma fall into two groups:
those with advanced visual loss from glaucoma that has been present
for a long time, and those with acute symptoms due to angle closure or the recent onset of secondary glaucoma.


Glaucoma NZ seeks the best possible outcome for all of these groups. But it is the first group - the totally unaware - that Glaucoma NZ especially targets in awareness campaigns.

Click for Glaucoma NZ's position paper on glaucoma and the community:
 'The Challenge of Glaucoma'

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